Penetration Testing

Let OwnZap measure your security posture through Network Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.

Our team offers consultant-led Network Penetration testing to provide a thorough and independent examination of your corporate infrastructure and systems to identify software and configuration based security vulnerabilities.

There are two components to delivering Network Penetration Testing and these are Internal and External assessments.

An internal network pen test is performed to help gauge what an attacker could achieve with initial access to a network. An internal network pen test can mirror insider threats, such as employees intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions.
An external network pen test is designed to test the effectiveness of perimeter security controls to prevent and detect attacks as well as identifying weaknesses in internet-facing assets such as web, mail and FTP servers.

Why Network Penetration testing?

Given enough time and effort, sophisticated modern-day hackers will find existing weaknesses in your network. That is why we spend time and effort identifying vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit it.

Our network penetration testing uses ethical hacking and controlled exploits to identify weaknesses in your network, so you know your security posture.

What thing falls under Network Penetration testing?

Secure architecture implements both network-based and host-based intrusion-detection system(s), and the key is implementing and properly managing and monitoring them. At a minimum, a network-based intrusion-detection system (NIDS) monitors all critical subnets in the DMZs and secure LAN.

What we do?

We can do a assessment of your corporate infrastructure to identify if any issues exist and to give you an ability to remediate these before an attacker could exploit them.

Safety of corporate network from the cyber attacks Corporate network is the backbone of complete Organization, all the transaction is gone through corporate network.

What we do?

We provide you a best safety measures which can prevents from cyber threats and cyber attacks as well.

Every Company's have a private data and more confidential. Every attack is done for steal the private and confidential data but main important thing is your data is stored safely in your organization or not.

What we do?

According to your network architecture we check host based network, Ports and services of System and check the flow of data, it means to check that your data will flow in encryption or in plain text.

A record containing personal Information is protected by such security safeguards as is reasonable in the ciscumstances against unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure and against other misuse.

What we do?

We provide you some reasonable steps to protect information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

So many activites in network will be monitor in IT department. After attack monitor systems will help us to check that from which system attack is done but once attacker will enter in network then they try to infect whole network.

What we do?

We provide you to deploy the monitor system in safest place and perform a penetration testing of every host. Also Provide you take a safety measures from monetary losses.

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