Penetration Testing

OwnZap People assess your critical Applications for Security Vulnerabilities with Android/iOS Application Penetration Test.

Mobile applications have becomes important part of day to day life since everyone is using smart phones now a days. Cyber security may often become false perception in case if we don’t know how our apps were developed as well as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

The simplest way to identify and avoid cyber risk is to perform mobile app vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. As per various reports 80% of the mobile phone users believes that their mobile apps are secure enough or they hardly have any idea about mobile app security.

The primary objective of conducting mobile (Android/iOS) app penetration testing is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in the application that can be exploited by the attackers for monetary grain.

The Android platform basically needs to be secure at two levels, i.e., the application level and the device level. For application level security, we need to uncover the bugs in applications that are going to be installed on the device. For this, we look out for server-side as well as client-side security issues in the application.
The IOS platform basically needs to be secure at two levels, i.e., the application level and the device level. For application level a Security vulnerability in iOS allows the hacker to attack your iOS devices, steal your private information. Until now, severe iPhone security vulnerabilities are discovered in different iOS versions.

Why Mobile Penetration Testing?

Mobile application security testing can help ensure there aren't any loopholes in the software that may cause data loss. The sets of tests are meant to attack the app to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities that would allow external persons or systems to access private information stored on the mobile device.

What thing falls under Mobile Penetration testing?

Mobile app security has become equally important in today’s world. A breach in mobile security can not only give hackers access to the user’s personal life in real-time but also disclose data like their current location, banking information, personal information, and much more.

What we do?

We do penetration testing of whole web application to identify the Critical, High and medium level Vulnerability that exists and to give you an ability to remediate these before an attacker could exploit them

Insecure communication is when a client and server communicate over a non secure channel, also vulnerable for authentication schemes by faking or bypassing authentication and check the improper authorization checks by the application.

What we do?

We do a penetration testing of application to exploit the insecure communication, Insecure authentication and insecure authorization. Also providing an ability to remediate these before an attacker could exploit them.

Most of the Cyberattack is done through mobile application or web application. Attackers try to get the information from mobile applications and bypass the authentication or authorization on mobile application.

What we do?

We give you the best safety measure to prevent an application from data loss and also provide code review to make your application secure.

As mobile devices continue to play a greater role in enterprises, greater amounts of data will flow through these devices and applications. As a result, we can expect a surge in mobile traffic over the next few years. To get this data, hackers try to do unauthorized access or manipulation.

What we do?

We do some Real time attacks on application ways and check the authorization access and loss of information. We will provide remediation steps to secure and block the unauthorized access for attackers.

An attacker will exploit code modification via malicious forms of the apps hosted in third party app stores. The attacker may also trick the user into installing the app via phising attacks.

What we do?

We will detect the code at runtime on what has been added or changed from what it knows about its integrity at compile time. The app must be able to react appropriately at runtime to a code integrity violation.

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