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Why OwnZap

No Compromise on Report
Demonstrating a systemic and well-reasoned assessment and analysis approach. Providing meaningful analysis, instead of merely presenting the output of assessment tools and crafting a professional, easy-to-follow look. Offer remediation guidance beyond merely pointing out security problems.
Transparency on Ownership
We follow more openness and demystification around cybersecurity practices. Principles to protect client data and insights, and to ensure the responsible and transparent use of innovations. We offer our own Trust and Transparency Principle.
Technology Leadership
Update and practice the organization's response and business continuity plans as business transitions to the “new normal”. Focus on protecting the organization's critical assets and services. Strengthening ecosystem-wide collaboration.

What We Do

Network Vulnerability Assesment & Penetration Testing

Network VAPT is the assessment procedure that is conducted by safety experts on the user’s network for identifying possible vulnerabilities that the attackers might exploit. The primary objective of a network penetration test is to recognize exploitable vulnerabilities in systems, networks, network devices and hosts before hackers can discover as well as exploit them.

Web Vulnerability Assesment & Penetration Testing

A web application penetration test (WAPT) is performed to identify exploitable vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and technical flaws in applications before attackers are able to discover and exploit them. Application penetration testing reveals real-world opportunities attackers could use to compromise applications in order to gain access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious and non-business purposes.

Mobile Vulnerability Assesment & Penetration Testing

Mobile application penetration testing methodology based on OWASP mobile application security standard. Along with a detailed vulnerability the report we’ll help our customers in protecting their a mobile applications from data breaches.

Source-Code Review

Source Code review is a different way to find the bugs and vulnerabilities in Application. In Application Security Testing sometimes it too much difficult to find the vulnerabilities in black box, grey box & white box testing.